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Asphalt Repair and More 

Asphalt is a great, durable material – but inevitably over time it is worn down and requires repair. 
Areas of high stress such as the very bottom of a driveway and parking lots with heavy traffic are particularly susceptible to damage. At Schell Sealcoating Co., we use several different methods to fill cracks in asphalt so that water does not enter and expand when it freezes, thereby making cracks worse. We also remove deteriorated asphalt and patch with new asphalt.

Cold Patch Method 

On smaller jobs of less than 25 square feet we use the cold patch method. The method is so named because the asphalt is taken from bags and is cold, or at least, at air temperature and not artificially heated. First, we cut the driveway to a depth of at least two inches to ensure the patch is well-anchored with clean, straight lines. We then remove broken and deteriorated asphalt, install new asphalt, and tamp down the new surface. A cold patch, while generally not as long-lasting as a hot patch, works well on residential driveways if it is not in a place of high stress.

Advantages of the Hot Patch Method 

The hot patch method is the preferred technique for areas of high stress as well as for larger patches. We cut and remove old asphalt in the same manner as cold patches, but the new asphalt is purchased hot and in bulk at the asphalt yard. This asphalt must be installed before it cools off and becomes difficult to work with. Hot patches are rolled with a steamroller and can last 30 years if properly cared for.

Quality Driveway Sealing in Winnetka, Illinois 

In addition to the aforementioned services, we also sealcoat driveways and sealcoat and stripe parking lots. After we clean the asphalt and seal cracks, we apply Gemseal Black Diamond sealant by hand with brushes. This sealant is eco-friendly and is not derived from coal tar. The only time we use coal tar sealant is by request for commercial jobs.
In 2016, we will continue to offer commercial and residential snow removal. Please email or call if you would like a free estimate for snow removal or salting.